Author: David Mann

Statutory Wage Increase

HR Expert: Statutory Wage Increase | 4th December 2020 A client is concerned about the Government’s recent announcement that the National Living Wage will increase next year. Is there anything that they need to keep in mind, or any financial assistance that they may be entitled to? It is unlikely that the Government will introduce […]

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VQOTW: Post Brexit Supplies of Digital Services

VAT Question of the Week: Post Brexit Supplies of Digital Services | 25th November 2020 A number of clients supplying various kinds of digital /electronically supplied services to businesses and consumers in the EU. Their activities include the supply of downloadable software and Apps, and access to information, photo or videos held online. They currently […]

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New Lockdown Business Information

Lockdown Information | 5th November 2020 As England faces its second lockdown until 2nd December, there are number of new lockdown rules that apply for all businesses, including which businesses are able to stay open, amendments to the furlough scheme and further changes made by the UK Government. How will your business or employees be […]

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November 2020 Job Support Scheme Updates

November 2020 Job Support Scheme | 29th October 2020 After further changes to the Job Support Scheme, a client would like to know how the changes will affect them, especially as they are a smaller business. Please can you advise? Employers like your client have likely been preparing for the Job Support Scheme (JSS) as […]

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DKR Newsletter: October 2020

Although the first round of government Covid-19 (coronavirus) business support schemes are coming to an end, the fundamental problems caused by the pandemic are still very much with us. In acknowledgement of this, the government has cancelled the autumn Budget and announced various new measures in an unexpected Winter Economy Plan. We outline key aspects […]

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